Don't be a bully...just BE BULLY!

We believe that time with friends and family is when we do our best work.  Let's take the power away from bullies (n.)...and start focusing on "being bully": (adj) .  Being Bully isn't just an adjective, it's a state of mind.  Be Admirable. Be Excellent. Be Bully!

We want to help children to be happy and confident.  We created this site to provide a meeting place for inspiration and ideas.  We wanted to share tips and tricks on how to help our kids learn to cherish friendship, develop kindness and empathy.  We are two young moms that believe in promoting positivity and connection in our families and local community.  

Crafts, playdate ideas, recipes...there is a lot to see here--and we have tested it all in our kitchens or on our dining room tables.  Check out our wall art--which was created to look good while making kids feel good (we can even personalize for you!).  If you're an educator, we have a tab created just for you.

One last note...

You might notice that there are some links to other organizations and resources on our site.  We started this organization after hearing a truly heartbreaking story of bullying.  Although this act of bullying happened in another state, it hit close to home and we decided to take action.  We feel that fun and inclusion should be accessible to everyone--so here we are.  We hope you stick around and join us on our quest to help kids understand and value connection and friendship. 

Stay Bully,

Kim and Sara


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