Create Your Own Highlight Reel with Photos

Review the successes of the past year and look forward to the memories you are about to make!

As we look forward to 2017, it’s also a great time to reflect on our favorite moments from lat year.  Where did you have the most fun with friends and family?  Was it at the beach or in the city?  Were you on vacation?  Was it a special occasion? Whether the photo is posed or unexpected—the best ones deserve to be celebrated.  Check out one of our favorite ways to display our favorite memories.

Create Your Own Highlight Reel

 Choose 12 of your most memorable photos and create a highlight reel for the previous year.

 We love this project for a few reasons.  

Yes, the finished product is awesome…but it’s also a really affirming exercise to review photos with the kids and have them point out which ones mean the most to them. 

 How to get started:

I started with 20 of my favorite photos.  

If you are like me, you have all of your best memories in the camera roll or photo app on your phone.  The toughest thing about this project was scrolling through all of my digital photos and narrowing them down to the “best of”—and then it hit me.   This project wasn’t necessarily about which ones I identified as best of…it was more about helping the kids reflect on some really awesome times spent with family and friends—and also about them asserting their voice and opinion in a positive light while learning to collaborate well with others. 

    It was difficult to stick to just 20 favorites—in fact, I had to narrow them down through the lens of 5 per season, but find your own strategy and stick to it.  You can share your perspective with the kids when it’s their turn to choose.   I loved seeing them consider each photo carefully…and excitedly share why they loved that snapshot in time.  It’s also fun to hear them talk about what they want to do more of in the upcoming year.   It’s a fun project and a great conversations starter.

We’d love to see your finished products—here’s what we used to make ours:

(All dimensions listed here were for a 4’ board, which was a perfect size for us, but you may need to go bigger if you are creating something more significant for a special occasion or if you are looking to decorate a larger space. )


  • weathered pallet board—4’
  • 2 nails
  • twine—4’ (don’t worry, you can loop the extra around the two nails as we did in the photo)
  • 12 clothespins
  • decorative paper to mount the photos on—(we used 4”x 5” because our film was 2”x3”)
  • adhesive to mount photos, if necessary*
  • photos*


(*As you can see in one of the photos I share, I cheated a little.   I used a little gadget to print out my photos—a Polaroid Zip Printer that I had purchased a couple of years ago.  It allows me to print photos directly from my phone onto little 2”x3” special “zink” paper that has an adhesive already on it.  I can edit an image on my phone, connect it via bluetooth and I can have a printed photo in under 60 seconds.  Crazy, right? Don’t get me wrong, I love the feeling of sorting through traditional photographs…but I’ll always share if I have a tip or trick that can make a craft even easier so I can put those minutes back into the time bank for more fun stuff.  If you want to learn more about it, here’s a link:

Kim Towers