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BULLY: (ADJ.) Awesome. Excellent. ADMIRABLE.

We believe in helping kids learn to value friendship, connection and expression.  We know that kindness, empathy and great peer relationships are essential skills no matter what age you are. Our classroom kit celebrates stories of friendship while allowing educators the ability to incorporate anti-bullying awareness into the lesson through a positive lens.   Get ready to start a dialogue in the classroom  around social awareness and relationship skills that will continue at home. 

Bully: The Adjective is pleased to announce the opportunity to private label our challenge for your school.   Ask us about how we can custom design our friendship challenge with your school your school colors...and with your school mascot.  Every child that takes our friendship challenge will receive a certificate that they can customize by adding their name and self-portrait.  Now that's pretty bully, indeed!

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We will reach out shortly with program details. Each kit accommodates a class of 28 children. Is there anything else we should know about you and your class?

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